The headlights reveal the large giants

Three thousand five hundred years old

And yet alive.

Covered with inch deep red bark and history.

What is the meaning of my being here?

Why don’t I listen to my child and turn and flee?

Instead, I will have to eat the food, and drink the drink.

Shrink! As the giants continue to grow.

Still alive.

I am not weak

I am strong, but why the test of strength once again?

The hope was to have fun.

It would be so much fun to stand at the feet of the giants

and breathe the air.

Am I not supposed to be here amongst the giants?

Is there a song to be learned?

from the swooning bats, the echoes and

the hushed voices of the murdered natives

who summered here often long ago?

Once more passed the moonlit forest.

Once more to cross the crowded moonscape below

I hold her close. The flash of remembrance in the darkness,

only to follow her down into the depths of loneliness.

What is the lasting message?

None of us are giving or getting?

The ending is here

Or is this some kind of beginning?

I can not seem to get out of this mistake

It grows larger as I run from it

The nightmare is over as we speed to the rising sun

The gloom lingers on.

My child sleeps in the back seat, safe and wise.

In the afternoon still awake but unconscious.

Tears will come dry and empty so like the three rivers dry and empty.

A sign of the coming horrors.   

Unknowing of the deeper meaning of the long ride

before the tears, before the natives fled, to die.

The tall threes are the only witnesses to the tragedy, and they are angry too, silent, yet alive.   

As the giants sleep in their still dark ancient forest

Now far behind us so large and looming

They alone can see into the very empty hearts that visits them for fun. 


Frank Cavestani was raised in New York City. His father worked for many years at the famed Copacabana night club and his mother was a New York telephone operator. Frank won a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. But his professional career began after doing a number of projects with the New York Actors Studio, Frank took over the leading role in a play by director James Bridges, "Days of the Dancing" starring Shelley Winters, after the lead actor Robert Walker Jr. broke his leg. After co-starring on "The Defenders" with Jack Gilford and E.G. Marshal and offered a seven year contract at 20th by Joyce Selznick, however he was sadly drafted and was in Viet Nam during the famous Tet Offensive, Returning home Frank worked in the White House Press Corp during the last days of Nixon's Administration and the first days of the Ford Administrations. Coming to Los Angeles he joined innovative TVTV and wrote with Harold Ramos, John Belushi and Michael Shamberg. Frank was also instrumental in the founding of the now famous weekly newspaper "The LA Weekly" with publisher Jay Levin and movie actor Michael Douglas. Frank lives and works in Hollywood with his actress wife Jade Hykush and young daughter Samantha, and loves everybody.
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