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Frank Cavestani was raised in New York City. His father worked for many years at the famed Copacabana night club and his mother was a New York telephone operator. Frank won a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. But his professional career began after doing a number of projects with the New York Actors Studio, Frank took over the leading role in a play by director James Bridges, "Days of the Dancing" starring Shelley Winters, after the lead actor Robert Walker Jr. broke his leg. After co-starring on "The Defenders" with Jack Gilford and E.G. Marshal and offered a seven year contract at 20th by Joyce Selznick, however he was sadly drafted and was in Viet Nam during the famous Tet Offensive, Returning home Frank worked in the White House Press Corp during the last days of Nixon's Administration and the first days of the Ford Administrations. Coming to Los Angeles he joined innovative TVTV and wrote with Harold Ramos, John Belushi and Michael Shamberg. Frank was also instrumental in the founding of the now famous weekly newspaper "The LA Weekly" with publisher Jay Levin and movie actor Michael Douglas. Frank lives and works in Hollywood with his actress wife Jade Hykush and young daughter Samantha, and loves everybody.


MUSIC DOWN THE HALL All the dead watching me / ghost gone ahead of me / precious ones gone before me / make me insane heavy my heart at the mention of their name / heaven or hell i wish … Continue reading

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Electric Yoyo Love

Electric Yo-yo Love          The bus was parked near the world famous ice skating rink at 30 Rockefeller Center, pointed east on 50th street in Manhattan and toward the airport in Queens.  You could sit in the bus waiting and see the restaurant … Continue reading

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The White Castle

The White Castle “When I was a young man courting the girls, I played me a waiting game…” Actually, what I did many nights and on weekends in particular is end up in the White Castle Hamburger and coffee shop … Continue reading

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On Voting Republican

 On Voting Republican It never fails that whenever I am looking for places in Burbank, I get lost.  I forgot to look up the video transfer house on the internet so I could get thelocation map and directions.  Plus, I … Continue reading

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DOING LUNCH Many years ago in the city of New York, I was invited to lunch. Shelley Winters, the movie star and a friend ever since I starred with her in the writer and film director James Bridges play, “Days … Continue reading

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WHO LET THE DOG OUT The house was very modern, very spacious. The door was wide open and I walked right in. A minimal artsy setting. A familiar shiny white face greeted me. A short-haired blonde man in his early 40’s. … Continue reading

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